Polar Finder Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Polar Alignment on Star Adventurer

Short video about how to polar align the Star Adventurer from Sky-Watcher. In this video I will show you how to find a very usefull and free app that will give you ...

Polar finder

Celestron Evolution alignment with StarSense and SkyPortal Android app.

Showing how quick the alignment can be with the Celestron StarSense Auto align on my Nexstar Evolution mount with C8.

Polar Finder - APK Review

Visit: http://apkreview.co/com-techhead-polarfinder Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVMaZLuJ31EPoc9ESw6inA?sub_confirmation=1 ...

Ekos Polar Alignment Assistant Tool

Tutorial on how to use Ekos Polar Align Assistant tool (PAA). With PAA, you can easily polar align your GEM quite accurately. Just follow the steps in the video ...

Android Range Finder Application

Range finder application for android smart phones. Uses 2D fourier transforms + various calculations to measure approximate distance to a target via ...

Polar Scope - How To Use A Polar Scope

This video will show you how to properly use a polar scope. ( You Tube search "polar scope modification" to see how to install a light inside a polar scope.)

Samsung Glaxy Tab mounted on OTA for SkEye

SkEye is a planetarium app for Android that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes. All you need to do is attach the phone to the telescope.

star sense test

BTDir Bluetooth Telescope control Skysafari Android Skywatcher Orion

With BTDir adapter and App Virtuoso, now it is posibble to control all Skywatcher mounts throught Skysafari Plus/Pro Android app with a tablet or smartphone.

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